International technology, made in Austria.

Each product is a small story of success.

From the word go, we and our products have stood for reliability, professionalism, flexibility and top quality - which for decades has made us the market leader in the construction of cable marking machines and coating systems for fiber optic cables.
Medek & Schörner is the only company in this market segment to cover almost the entire range of machines. No challenge is too great, no special order too special. Quite the opposite - we love working on new ideas for you. It’s what customers appreciate about us, right around the world.

Medek & Schörner’s FMS/KMS series is a hot foil marking system for the colored or colorless length marking of either hot or cooled insulation or pipes in meters or feet. At the same time, it can also be used to emboss text, company logo and/or any desired coding in an unrivalled, sharp quality.

The RS ring marking systems were developed by Medek & Schörner for coding telephone, switch or automotive wires with colored rings. The machines in this series are ideally suited for use immediately after the extruder head at speeds of up to 2,500 m/min.

The KS series comprises high-quality gravure printers for the coding of ho tor cold cables or conductor insulation at output speeds of up to 1,500 m/min. Etched, exchangeable print wheels ensure the excellent print quality of all text and figures.

Medek & Schörner developed its concept for coating optical fibers with ultra-violet hardening inks in close co-operation with companies in the cable industry: the concept has already proved its worth in numerous applications throughout the world. The GFP series offers an optimal solution to every application, from compact single-line machine all the way through to complete color coding systems for six fibers.
The FRP 05 high-performance ribbon production machine makes it possible to glue up to 12 or 2x12 fibers (24-fibre ribbon) to form fiber ribbons.

Thanks to the fact that Medek & Schörner has maintained excellent, close relations with companies in the cable and wire industry right from the word go, the company is always in touch with new requirements, rapidly developing new production concepts and continually improving existing systems.