Legal Notice

Medek & Schörner GmbH
private limited corporation (GmbH)

The object of the company is the production, distribution and development of cable marking machines, their components and spare parts as well as related components and complementary equipment of any kind, as well as activities in the fields of mechanics, electrics and electronics, furthermore wholesale and retail trade as well as import and export of goods of all kinds, the trade of commercial agents (commercial agency); banking and stock exchange transactions are excluded.

Registered Office and Contact Information

Medek & Schörner GmbH
Dr. Karl Renner Strasse 9-11
2203 Grossebersdorf, Austria

+43 2245 4694

CEO: DI Rudolf Descovich

Additional Legal Information

VAT No.: ATU 580 300 99
Company Register No.: 248246v
Commercial Court: Korneuburg

Medek & Schörner is a member of the Austrian Economic Chambers (Guild of Mechatronics Engineers)

Supervisory or trade authority: District Commission (Bezirkshauptmannschaft) Mistelbach

Applicable Austrian legislation:
The Austrian Business Code (UGB)

Austrian Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung, GewO)