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KS 510 C-FM

Gravure printing machine for marking opposite sides of hot plastic insulated cables.

  • Dual head printer
  • Marking of text and numbers
  • Medium speed
  • Exchangeable ink supply system

Standard Configuration

Frame with support column and height adjustment crank mechanism.

Marking unit with synchronized, phase-adjustable drive for two facing printing discs.

Integrated control electronics and built-in control console.

1 set of dedicated ink wipers and guide rollers matching the specified printing discs.

Replaceable, compact ink supply module with ink tank, pump, cooler, filters, and ink flow fine adjustment valve.

Complete tacho adjustment unit.

Complete accessories kit without printing discs.


Electronically synchronized printing disc drive.

Mechanical phase control for staggered marking.

Replaceable ink supply module for quick color change within about 2 minutes.

Optional second ink supply module allows even faster color change.

Suitable for concave rim printing discs.

Remote tacho generator unit for measuring cable speed.


Max. printing speed:

500 m / minute

Cable diameter:

1 mm to 20 mm

Printing discs:

86 mm in diameter, concave rim