Corona Virus Information!


According to the current status, M&S will continue its operation but with a few restrictions in accordance with official regulations of the Federal Government.

We are available for our customers at the usual times to ensure the best possible customer service in this challenging and difficult to plan situation.

We will try to provide any changes or details immediately!

Revolutionize Your Coaxial Cable Production with Stripping Modules from KHU Sondermaschinen!


We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest innovations, the stripping modules, in collaboration with KHU Sondermaschinen. These innovative solutions are designed to optimize your coaxial cable manufacturing process and increase both productivity and quality through seamless automation.

Revolutionizing optical fiber manufacturing: New report unveils groundbreaking insights


In the fast-paced world of optical fiber manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. Every second counts, and downtime can translate to significant losses. Recognizing this critical need for optimization, Medek & Schörner is proud to introduce our latest report "Maximize Productivity with new UV-LED Technology for Optical Fiber Curing: A 12-Point Report”.