Our „Flagship“: GFP-UV L6

Coating of optical fibers with UV curable inks. Independent, simultaneous processing of up to 6 fibers. Ink coating system for high processing speeds.

  • Six independent fiber coloring/tight buffering lines
  • Perfect curing at 2100 m/min by innovative UV lamp and reflector design
  • Outstanding control electronic providing smooth run, high precision winding geometry and fiber tension control
  • Easy access to all control parameters, short setup

Revolutionizing optical fiber manufacturing: New report unveils groundbreaking insights


In the fast-paced world of optical fiber manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. Every second counts, and downtime can translate to significant losses. Recognizing this critical need for optimization, Medek & Schörner is proud to introduce our latest report "Maximize Productivity with new UV-LED Technology for Optical Fiber Curing: A 12-Point Report”.

New report for more success in optical fiber manufacturing


We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our latest report, focusing on the transformative impact of UV-LED curing technology on optical fiber production.