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ICS 220-P

Indent marking of cables 10 to 220 mm in diameter immediately after the extruder head.

  • Indent marking or embossing
  • Single or double-sided marking
  • Quick change of legend
  • Line speeds up to 100 m/min
  • Cable diameters 10 to 220 mm 
  • On hot cable insulation

Standard Configuration

Frame with support column and crank-operated height adjustment mechanism.

Marking head with cooling water connection. 

Marking wheels and guide rollers available separately.


Marks cables 10 to 220 mm in diameter.

Marking by means of engraved, concave marking wheels matching the cable diameter.

Marking wheels mounted on toe bearings on two horizontally and vertically adjustable swivel arms.

The embossing pressure is adjustable by means of a pneumatic device with fine pressure regulator.

Hose connection for marking wheel-cooling system that prevents hot insulation material from sticking to the marking wheel type area. A water-collecting tub is arranged below the embossing wheels.


Max. printing speed:

100 m/min

Product diameter: 

10 mm to 220 mm

Marking wheels:

121 mm in diameter (groove bottom)


Marking wheels

Pressure rolls