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RS 707

Ring marking system for marking hot telephone and hook-up wire insulation with colored rings. The RS 707 has been designed for use within advanced extrusion plants, immediately after the extruder, at high production speeds up to 2500 m/min.

  • Ring marking at speeds up to 2500 m/min
  • Synchronized with the line speed
  • Tandem head versions available for quick change of ring color or ring spacing on the fly


Rugged, virtually maintenance-free AC drive.

Marking drums run absolutely vibration-free, with no control variations.

Ink path contain no rotating gaskets.

Height-adjustable marking system can be easily engaged and disengaged without interfering with the extrusion process.

Ring marking by rotating drums with high-precision ink nozzles. Interchangeable marking drums for easy changing of ring patterns and width.

Marking drums for standard and custom ring patterns available.

Automatically synchronised with the wire speed by means of a 0-10 V DC signal output from the extrusion line control.

No rotating gaskets in the marking assembly.

Simple installation with no changes to the extrusion line required.

Rugged, reliable single-drum marking assembly.

Easy to set up and operate.

Dedicated replaceable drawer-type ink tanks allow quick color change.

Remote tacho generator and thyristor inverter ensure accurate synchronization of marking drums to the wire (optional).

Slight batch-to-batch variations in ink quality require no readjustments.

Available with gear pump or diaphragm pump (for water-based inks).

Two-stage ink filter system prevents clogging of ink nozzles.

Built-in ink cooler.

Ink viscosity can be measured and adjusted during operation. 

Extremely narrow (requires only 300 mm between extruder and take-up).

Automatically synchronized flashing stroboscope for monitoring ring quality and setting up marking parameter.


Max. marking speed:

2500 m/minute

Max. wire outside diameter:

3 mm


Available in three different versions, the RS 70 ring marker provides the optimum solution for most high-speed marking application:

Single head marker RS 707

Suitable for marking speeds of up to 2500 m / minute.

Tandem system allowing ring color and/or spacing to be changed on the fly. RS 707 T 

The ink tank, marking drum (for different ring spacing), or both may be exchanged on one marking system while the other continues operating. You can then switch over without stopping the extrusion line.

Tandem system for two-color ring marking. In single-color mode, ring color and/or spacing can be changed on the fly. RS 707 T SYN

Complete system, ready to operate. Same as RS 707 T, except with phase locked electronic synchronizer for the two marking assemblies allowing ring marking in two colors.