Ring marking
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RS - Options and Accessories

FG - Separate frequency generator for marker synchronization

Automatic synchronization to the line over a 1:6 speed range (requires a 0 V to 10 V signal proportional to the line speed); for lines providing no such control signal a dedicated frequency generator with tachometer wheel and incremental encoder is required.

V - Automatic viscosity control for printing inks

An oscillating sensor causes thinner to be added when the viscosity deviates from a preset value.

LD - Ink level sensor and indicator system

Triggers a warning signal as the ink level drops below minimum.

FW - Ink flow sensor and indicator system

Triggers a warning signal as the ink flow deviates by an adjustable amount from the preset value.

Marking drums

Easily replaceable pairs of marking drums for use as spares for supplied marking drums or for changing the ring spacing or pattern. Standard ring patterns include single or double rings every 17 mm; double rings every 34 mm; one, two, three, or four rings every 60 mm, etc. Marking drums for custom ring patterns are also available.

Ink tanks

Drawer-type ink tanks for storing ink or changing ring colors quickly. Ink tanks are available with a capacity of either 10 l for standard markers or 15 l for markers with an option V automatic viscosity control.

Recommended inks

RS Series ring markers should only be used with solvents and inks released by the manufacturer for the insulation mate­rial to be marked. Ink viscosity should be approx. 12 to 13 seconds (measured with a DIN test cup with 4-mm outlet, equivalent to approx. 23 seconds measured with a 3-mm test cup). In order to prevent pigment sedimentation in the ink tubes and marking drums, be sure to use extremely fine-pigmented inks only.