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Marking system for double-sided offset printing of cable insulation with synchronized, phase-adjustable printing wheels

  • Double-sided indirect gravure printing
  • Indirect printing system
  • Marking speeds up to 100 m / minute
  • Marking cold plastic tubing and hoses as well as plastic insulated cables including products with irregular surfaces

Standard Configuration

Marking unit with two marking stations.

Complete marking station with ink tank, solvent feed unit, printing disc shaft, and rubber faced transfer roll.

1 set jof dedicated ink wipers and guide roller matching the specified printing disc.

Complete accessories kit without printing discs.


Offset printing machine using laser engraved printing discs and rubber faced transfer rolls.

Transfer rolls synchronized and phase-adjustable during operation for ring marking or spiral striping.

Easy to set up and operate.

Printing discs and transfer rolls driven by product being marked.

Available on request with auxiliary drive for marking delicate product or products of small diameters or with slippery surfaces..

Two DOK 1 printing heads can be coupled for two-color marking.


DOK 1 V for vertical printing.

DOK 1 H for horizontal printing.


Max. marking speed:

approx. 100 m / minute

Product diameter: 

1 mm to 10 mm 

Printing disc diameter:

80 mm