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KMS 2-4

Indenting text and meter marks in cable insulation within the extrusion line after the cooling bath, or in a se­parate winding system (indenting cold material).

  • Text and meter marking
  • Electrically heated marking wheel for indenting cold material
  • Within the extrusion line after the cooling bath, or in a separate winding system
  • Speeds up to 100 m / minute



One marking wheel 1 m in circumference with built-in 4-digit meter counter and 300-mm type segment supports for installing engraved type segments.

With robust pillar stand, pneumatic support for the marking wheel allowing easy open and close function, and guiding rollers for a diameter range of 10-250 mm (or 6-80 mm without price change).

Marking head and guiding rollers separately adjustable in height by rack-jack devices.

With heating system.

Counter: raised type for clear indented lettering, standard number size: 3.5 mm, manual reset lever.


Electrically heated marking wheel for indenting cold material.

Indented stamping of product length in meters and of user selectable text.

Optional, manually adjustable coding heads for stamping frequently changing code numbers. 

Complete with all required accessories except engraved type segments.



Product diameter:

10 to 250 mm (Standard version)

Marking speed:

100 m/minute max.

Optional Devices

A range of optional extensions is available for all KMS2 Series machines, allowing you to adapt your machine exactly to your production needs.