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Options for Meter Markers and Footage Markers

Zero resets for length counters

PN - Pneumatic reset system for meter or footage counters

Allows the counter to be reset to zero manually at the push of a button or program controlled during marking. Option PN comprises of a compact compressed-air cylinder in the marking wheel and a RESET key on the machine’s control panel. Programmable, automatic reset function requires Option W.

W - Programmable electronic control module for PN pneumatic reset system or other pneumatically operated functions

Causes, for instance, the counter to be reset to zero or the marking wheel to be lifted every time a preset length of cable has passed through the machine. An additional, programmable contact closure allows an external process (e.g., cutting the cable at a preset length after the counter has returned to zero) to be triggered.

2W - External device pre-selection

Option 2W features a second pre-selection counter to be used for controlling an external device, e.g. for triggering a cutting device when achieving a pre-defined length of the marking good. The pre-defined length corresponds to the distance between the marking machine and the external device. By the time this length is reached, the system triggers the external device automatically.

PC - Pneumatic coding head sequencing system controlled by an external contact

P - Pneumatic marking wheel lift (for FMS 2-C)

Pneumatic marking wheel lift for manual or automatic operation (e.g., via external contact closure or Option W). Lifts only the marking wheel off the product so that length measurement continues during „idling“ but no pigment tape will be used.

Spring supported guide rollers (for FMS 2-C)

S - Sprung guide rollers

Sprung guide rollers for perfect stamping results even on bumpy surfaces.

SP - Sprung, pneumatically controlled guide rollers

Sprung, pneumatically controlled guide rollers for perfect stamping results even on bumpy surfaces. Guide rollers will lift automatically as the extrusion line starts and lower as it stops or if there is a „lump“ in the cable.

Marking wheel drives for highest accuracy of measurement (for KMS, FMS 2-C)

QDM - Torque assist drive

This drive mode compensates for the internal friction of the marking device so that the cable only has to carry an extremely smooth-running marking wheel, thus ensuring high measuring precision. Readings are not compared with an external length measuring device. Optional: Torque assist drive with length comparison. This mode of operation functions like the QDM drive, but any deviations in length from the readings of an external length measuring device are reported. Measuring errors are minimized by manual fine tuning.

SSYN - Synchronized drive

The marking wheel is precisely synchronized with a measuring wheel fitted with an incremental transmitter that produces high frequency measuring signals. A special electronic unit allows particularly fine adjustment in 0.01% steps in order to compensate for any transmitter errors or subsequent changes in product length. Any modern laser length measuring equipment may be used for the transmitter.

SSYN2 - Tandem Synchronized drive

Marking devices with two marking wheels for coding cables on two opposite sides usually only have a length marking unit for one of the marking wheels. However, when it is necessary for both marking wheels to apply length coding to the cable simultaneously, the marking wheels must be synchronized to the millimeter: this is achieved with the SSYN master/slave servo drive.

UTG20 - External Tacho Generator

External Tacho Generator Unit for synchronization 

Color tape pay-offs

TT - Tandem tape pay-off

Supply reel assembly with two tape reels for quick pigment tape changing (within 2 to 3 seconds).

TF - Tandem tape pay-off for speeds up to 150 m / min. 

Same as Option TT, except with spring-loaded idler for reducing acceleration forces acting on the supply reel. Permits marking speeds of up to 150 m/min. with minimum mechanical stress on the pigment tape. Incorporates Option FA tape breakage indicator and Option VO for reduced pigment tape usage.

JTFM - Tape pay-off for jumbo reels, for speeds up to 150 m / min. (Option JTFV for FMS 5)

Supply reel assembly with one Jumbo reel and a 9-cm „auxiliary“ reel allowing quick replacement of the Jumbo reel „on the fly“. Pneumatic tape buffer and supply reel motor ensure smooth tape motion, thus permitting marking speeds of up to 150 m/min. without tape breakage. Includes end-of-tape and tape breakage indicators as well as one VO tape usage optimizer each for main and auxiliary tapes.

JTFM 2 - Tandem tape pay-off for jumbo reels, for speeds up to 150 m / min. (Option JTFV 2 for FMS 5)

Option JTFM 2 (JTFV 2) accommodates a tandem supply reel assembly and uses a regulated electric feed motor and pneumatic tape buffer to ensure consistent pigment tape feed for high-speed marking up to and above 150 m/min. Allows for uninterrupted marking while replacing the empty Jumbo reel. Includes Options FA and VO.

BM - Tape break indicator

Light-barrier operated tape breakage sensor with electronic indicator module. In addition, tape breakage is indicated by an LED on the sensor. Trigger output for optional warning light or HUP alarm horn.

FA - Tape end sensor

End-of-tape sensor and flashing warning light. Shortly before the pigment tape is used up, the sensor triggers an LED on the indicator module, the warning light, and the optional alarm horn (Option HUP).

HUP - Alarm horn

Alarm horn providing an additionally acoustic failure alert.

VO - Suction operated pull-back chamber

Suction operated pull-back chamber that reduces pigment tape usage by eliminating most of the tape motion between marks. Ensures smooth tape motion on machines with passive supply reel assemblies. Especially recommended for machines used for printing little or no text.

FET - Pigment tape disposal unit with vacuum cleaner

Pigment tape disposal unit with vacuum cleaner take-up system and used-tape storage drum. Take up hose mounts on machine immediately after the marking wheel to prevent annoyance due to pigment dust, particularly at high marking speeds.

FES - Pigment tape disposal unit with one or two suction operated take-up pipes

Pigment tape disposal unit with one or two suction operated takeup pipes and one or two used-tape storage bags. The two-bag version has a pipe selector switch that allows the full bag to be emptied during marking.

HP - Digital height indicator

A useful aid in moving marking system and guide rollers to previously noted optimum height positions.

FU - Conversion kit meter/footage marking

Conversion kit for converting FMS Series machines to footage marking or Option MU - FFS Series machines to meter marking. (Specify when ordering.)

Custom paint schemes

For details on custom paint schemes, contact your local Medek & Schörner representative or our Vienna head office.