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FFS 2/2-C

Marking cold product within the extrusion line - downstream from the cooling bath and drying fan - or as a separate operation (e.g., in a winding system).

  • Footage and text marking by hot foil stamping 
  • Speeds up to 150 m/minute and above with special color tape pay-off unit
  • Within extrusion line or in a separate process


One marking wheel 2 ft. in circumference with built-in 5-digit footage counter and 300-mm type segment supports for installing engraved type segments.

Complete high-performance heating system.

Counter: raised type, standard number size: 3.5 mm, manual reset lever.

Marking wheels available separately for quick changing of text or codes. Convertible to meter marking by re-placing sensing and marking wheels.



Hot stamping marker using electrically heated, engraved dies and pigment tape.

Marks product length in 2-ft. increments.

Optional, manually adjustable coding heads for stamping frequently changing code numbers.

Prints user selectable text. Abrasion-proof, exceptionally clear lettering. 

Complete with frame, guide roller assembly, heating systems, electronic control cabinet, and all required accessories except engraved type segments.



Product diameter:

10 to 250 mm

Marking speed:

Up to 60 m/minute (standard version); up to 150 m/minute and above with special pigment tape transport. 

Available for left-to-right or right-to-left running.

Optional Devices

A range of optional extensions is available for all FFS Series machines, allowing you to adapt your machine exactly to your production needs.