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KS - Options and Accessories

B - Stroboscope

Automatically synchronized flashing stroboscope for monitoring the quality of printed marks. High quality finish with tight and resistant to sol­vent metal casing.

VST - Video system for monitoring the print quality

Medek & Schörner also offers a video system for monitoring the print quality of fast-running cable printing machines, e.g. allowing real-time inspection for bad quality and/or missing prints. 

FM-P - Replaceable ink supply module

With ink tank, pump, cooler, filters, and ink flow fine adjustment and selector valves. Allows the printing ink to be changed in about 2 minutes. Ink can be stored in the ink tank for several weeks with no degradation of ink properties.

V - Automatic viscosity control for printing inks

An oscillating sensor causes thinner to be added when the viscosity deviates from a preset value.

LD - Ink level sensor and indicator system

Triggers a warning signal as the ink level drops below minimum.

FW - Ink flow sensor and indicator system

Triggers a warning signal as the ink flow deviates by an adjustable amount from the preset value.

G - Extension for cable diameters up to 80 mm

Special support for guiding rollers for cable diameters up to 80 mm.

WNB - Water misting unit 

Misting unit for the application of fine water dust for pre-cooling of the hot wire immediately after the extruder.

H - Swing door with exhaust (only for KS 442C-FM)

Protective glass cover with exhaust.

Ink supply module service rack

Castor mounted rack with power supply and compressed-air input for one ink supply module. For easy rinsing, cleaning, and changing of inks away from the marking machine.

Printing discs

Printing discs are available with any combination of numbers, letters, or other characters (specify when ordering). All printing discs are 86 mm in diameter, with a 12.7-mm (1/2“) center hole.

Ink wipers, guide rollers

The ink wipers and guide rollers required for the specified printing discs are supplied with each KS Series marker. For marking cables of different diameters, you will need one set of appropriate ink wipers and guide rollers for each cable gauge. We recommend to order these along with the printing discs.


Tool for sharpening worn circular nylon doctor blades. Comprises a set of rod holders for the various rod or tube sizes and a knife case for cutting off the worn out section of the doctor blade.

Doctor rods / wipers

New machines or ink wipers are supplied with a set of doctor blades of the appropriate size.However, we recommend to keep several replacement doctor blades for each type of printing disc in use. Doctor rods can be sharpened several times.

Marking inks

We recommend inks of a viscosity of approx. 40 to 70 seconds (as measured with a DIN 4-mm measurement cup) containing low to medium volatility solvents to prevent premature pigment sedimentation on the printing discs.