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KS 42 C-FM

The cable marker KS 42 C-FM is a high-performance marker specifically designed for high-speed gravure printing on hot plastic insulated wires and plastic jacketed cables in user selectable colors. Due to the extremely high precision of the machine’s drive system, the KS 42 C-FM ensures a non-slip operation and a reduction of the strain on the soft cable insulation to a minimum.

  • Marking of text and numbers 
  • Single printing head
  • Quick change of legend
  • Print wheel drive up to and above 1200 m/min
  • Exchangeable ink supply system

Standard Configuration

Frame with support column and height adjustment crank mechanism.

Marking unit with synchronized drive for one printing disc.

Built-in control console.

1 set of dedicated ink wiper and guide roller matching the specified printing disc.

Replaceable ink supply module with ink tank, pump, cooler, filters, and ink flow fine adjustment valve. Complete accessories kit without printing discs.


Rugged, virtually maintenance-free AC drive. Incremental tachometer and reference sensor mounted on the printing disc shaft provide exceptionally accurate synchronization.

Automatically synchronized stroboscope of extremely high light efficiency allows proper inspection even at slow marking speeds.

Electronically synchronized printing disc drive.

Integrated control electronics.

Replaceable ink supply module for quick color change within about 2 minutes. Suitable for printing discs with flat or concave rim matching the cable diameter.

Easy to operate, clean, and maintain Intelligent ink pump system IP for automatic and speed dependent adjustment of the ink flow.


Max. printing speed:

1200 m/min

Cable diameter:

1 mm to 24 mm (up to 80 mm with option G)

Printing discs: 

86 mm in diameter, flat or concave rim

Recommendable optional device 

WNB - Misting unit for the application of fine water dust for pre-cooling of the hot wire immediately after the extruder.

Applies a fine water layer to the wire surface that evaporates before the wire enters the printer. Reduces the wire surface temperature and avoids the hot plastic material sticking on the print wheel. Replaces pre-cooling trough, air wipes and vacuum device. No need of relatively extensive and at higher speeds insufficiently working air blowers.