Coating of optical fibers
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Multifiber coating and curing system for up to 12 optical fibers for inline operation

  • Inline color coating and UV curing
  • Coloring and UV curing up to 300 m / min
  • Simultaneous coating of up to 12 fibers
Brief Description

Suited for use in multifiber production lines operating at a maximum production speed of 300 m / minute and above.

Coating unit with fiber entry guides, dust blower, and coating heads.

Curing unit with one irradiator type M550, control electronics, cooling fan, and nitrogen flooding system including a nitrogen supply unit.


Simultaneous coating of up to 12 optical fibers.

UV curing unit with one M&S designed irradiator.

Suitable for production speeds of up to 300 m / min and above.

Electrical heating system for coating heads.

Pressure system for ink tanks.