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Optical Fiber Coloring System GFP-UV-K1

Coating of optical fibers with UV curable inks. Marking of fibers with color-code rings (using Option RSJ-DH). Extension for tight buffering of optical fibers individually or jointly in groups. Proof testing.

  • High speed fiber processing  -  3000 m / min
  • Single-line system for coating, UV curing, and ring marking
  • Tight buffering
  • Modular construction

Modular Construction

The system comprises five main components whose frames have been designed for later installation of various options. This allows the machine to be upgraded at moderate cost as the need arises, e.g., for ring marking, higher UV curing performance, etc.

Main Components

TPO1-K Autotraversing Pay-off Unit

CCD1-K Coloring and UV curing Station

Ink supply system, high-speed coating head, and high performance M550 UV irradiator unit mounted on a common frame.

UVM1-K Second coloring and UV curing Station for speeds up to 3000 m /min

TUD1-K Take-up

High-speed capstan and take-up system with separate control cabinet.

PCI1-K Control Unit


Fiber tension sensors ensure optimized fiber tension control.

Automatic reel size detection makes it extremely easy for the operator to adjust the traversing system.

New M550 UV irradiator with control system that constantly measures the irradiator power and automatically adjusts the power output to match the fiber speed. This ensures optimum irradiator efficiency and prevents ther­mal overloading of the fiber at slow speeds or at standstill.

Automatic compensation for irradiator aging or quartz tube deterioration maintains flawless curing.

Top constructional speed up to 3000 m/min.

Optimum fiber protection.

Continuously adjustable, nitrogen-aided UV curing.

Automatic adjustment of processing speed to UV irradiator curing performance. 

Pay-off and take-up with fiber tension-controlled drives.

Modular constructions for optimum, customized solutions from ink coating to ring marking.