In memoriam Thomas Schörner


On Friday evening, April 8, Thomas Schörner passed away suddenly, unexpectedly and much too early.

We are deeply shocked and speechless about the sudden death of our friend, partner and companion. It is hard for us to believe that he was taken from life so suddenly.

Thomas Schörner studied business administration and had always been an important part of the M&S family. He took over the agendas of being a partner at Medek & Schörner from his father Dr. Gustav Schörner in 2018. As a skilled business economist and true expert in liquidity, cash and working capital management, he was an enormous backing to us at all times.

His open, honest and humorous manner always helped to put the gravity of the situation in a positive light. His loyalty and dedication to the family business provided a solid basis for the company's continued existence and the motivation of our employees. 

With his commitment, he played a major role in shaping our company and we were not only able to share all the successes with him over all these years, but were also always able to rely on him in the event of setbacks.

Our deepest sympathy goes to his family and his two children.
We will miss him very much.

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