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Accessories for Meter Markers and Footage Markers

Type Segments

Engraved type stamps in standard lengths of 20, 40, 60, or 80 mm for composing text to be printed on the product. Type segments mount on dedicated type segment supports in the marking wheel.

Counters and coding heads

Various types of automatically advancing counters (up to 6 digits) are available for marking product length in 1-m or 2-ft. increments, manually adjustable coding heads with up to 8 type discs for printing codes that need to be changed frequently. Each coding head type disc can be notched up separately by means of mechanical push-down pins or levers.

Type holders, interchangeable type

If you need to print frequently changing combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, this system provides optimum flexibility. Individual characters can be easily mounted in and removed from the type holders. Maximum type size available is 3.9 mm.

Pigment tape

In our catalogue you’ll find the perfect type of pigment tape for a wide range of applications and printing environments.

Standard reel: 610 m of pigment tape

Special reels: 305 m, 1000 m

Jumbo reels: up to 20 km of pigment tape for FMS/FFS Series markers with special supply reel assemblies (Option JTFM / JTFV). 

Standard widths: 10 mm, 1/4“. Other widths available on request.