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Fiber Laser FL50

Our innovative design allows us to deliver a complete laser solution to our customers – not just a laser source. The system includes a class 1 safety enclosure with a sliding cover and a special design cable guiding system. Compliance with the laser protection class 1 is guaranteed during laser marking.

  • High quality marks
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior performance and reliability

Standard Configuration

Ytterbium (Yb) pulsed fiber laser unit consisting of supply unit and marking unit, integrated in a Laser Class 1 safety enclosure.

BOFA - Exhauster for environmentally sustainable production. The exhaust unit prevents the evaporating material from causing health hazards for the operator, but also from damaging of the focusing lens. The exhaust unit can be connected directly to the protection device and comes with various filter grades.


Compact and versatile pulsed fiber laser marker (50 Watt)

Reliable, economic and user-friendly equipment.

Simple integration into cable production line - left or right.

Tried-and-tested flexible software and hardware platforms.

Air-cooled, highly efficient and maintenance-free laser source.


Clear and direct marking on a variety of plastic insulation of wires and cables at a speed up to 300 m/min (depending on the insulation material).