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Offset Markers - Options and Accessories

DM - Electrical auxiliary drive

An electric motor provides a constant, adjustable pushing or braking torque independentely of the marking speed. This reduces the strain on the product and ensures perfect synchronization even for small product diameters.
Recommended for machines used for marking products of low mechanical strength.

SGM - Electronically synchronized marking system drive

A remote tacho generator supplies a control signal for synchronizing the printing wheels to the product. The power supply and control electronics are housed in a separate control cabinet.

FM - Replaceable ink supply module with ink tank, pump, cooler, filters, and ink flow adjustment and selector valves (only for SOD 10 C-FM)

Allows the printing ink to be changed in about 2 minutes. Ink can be stored in the ink tank for several weeks with no degradation of ink properties.

Printing discs

Printing discs are available with any combination of numbers, letters, or other characters (specify when ordering).
Standard size: 80 mm in diameter, with 16-mm central hole.

Inking rollers

Etched rollers for inking the rubber plates of flexographic machines.

Rubber plates

Plug-in plates for easy legend assembly on flexographic machines. Individual letters and custom type plates are available.

Ink wipers

Polyamide wipers for printing discs or inking rollers. Several ink wipers are supplied with each flexographic marker. However, we recommend to keep several replacement ink wipers for each type of printing disc and inking roller used.

Rubber transfer rings

Rings made of optimum-grade rubber are available for many applications.
Standard sizes for US 10-R, OFD, and DOK 1: 160 dia. mm x 8 mm (6 mm)
Standard sizes for SOD 10: 80 dia. mm x 6 mm

Recommended inks

M&S offset markers can be used with all commercial solvents and inks with a viscosity of  approx. 50 to 150 seconds (as measured with a DIN 4-mm measurement cup). Use inks containing low to medium volatility solvents only, in order to prevent premature pigment caking on the printing wheels.