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The hot foil meter marker FMS 5 is the newest and most advanced machine specifically designed for printing length marks on cold plastic tubing or plastic insulated cables using pigment coated tapes.

  • Meter marking at highest accuracy of measurement 
  • Speeds up to 200 m/minute with special color tape pay-off unit

Standard configuration

One marking wheel 1 m in circumference with built-in 4-digit meter counter and text segment supports for installing engraved type segments

Complete high-performance heating system electronically controlled to match marking speed and number of type segments

Counter: raised type, standard number size: 3.5 mm, manual reset lever

Marking wheels also available separately for quick changing of text or codes


Hot stamping marker using electrically heated, engraved dies and pigment tape. 

Advanced AC Servo drive for jerk-free operation even at very low operational speeds. 

Tacho-incremental encoder standard, optional synchronizable with Laser length measuring devices. 

Two separate heating systems ensure consistent heating of type segments and coding heads by automatically balancing the differing heating power requirements of type segments and coding heads. 

Heating power is automatically matched to the marking speed. 

Marking wheels are coupled directly to the drive unit for vibration-free operation.

Available with 4, 5, or 6 digit meter counters. 

Prints user selectable text. Abrasion-proof, exceptionally clear lettering. 

Electronic control system for high-performance marking. 

Operator-friendly touch-screen control panel for easy adjustment of all (drive-) parameters. 

Complete with frame, guide roller assembly, heating systems, electronic control cabinet, and all required accessories except engraved type segments. 

High-performance cable marking package consisting of: 

Protective devices according to CE. 

Suitable for left-to-right and/or right-to-left running. 

Easily convertible into footage marking machine by simply exchanging the marking wheel.

Special Version

FFS 5 - for footage marking

FMS 5-D Tandem Marker - with two marking systems for quick changing of texts or codes and/or quick changing between meter and footage marking. Version for marking from above and from below.


Product diameter:

The FMS 5 comes complete with a pair of guide rollers for product within a diameter range from 8 to 60 mm. Special guide rollers for diameter product 6 to 30 mm, 28 to 100 mm or 10 to 250 mm are available from M&S.

Marking speed: 

Up to 60 m/minute (standard version); up to 200 m/minute with special pigment tape pay-off unit JTFV.