Enduction de fibres optiques
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GFP - Options for ink coating systems

RSJ-DH - Ring marking system for coding optical fibers with rings in a contrasting color (not available for GFP-UV-L6)

Special high speed adapted ink jet printer with finely adjustable printhead support for marking bandmarks from one side on the fiber at speeds up to 1150 m/min. The usual arrangement allows bandmarking in line with the ink coating process, providing irradiator units after the ink jet printhead and the ink applicator. In case that no additio­nal UV lamp unit and only the UV lamp of the UV curing unit CCD1-K unit is available, bandmarking has to be done in a separate process (either bandmarking or ink coating). The microprogram of the ink jet printer is specially adapted for ultra high speed bandmarking with automatic control of a constant bandwidth over the full speed range. Band­mark pitch and interband distance for multiple bandmarks (double, triple, etc.) are easily programmable on the computer screen.

LD - Ink level sensor and indicator system for ink tanks

Triggers a warning signal as the ink level drops below minimum.

HGM - Fiber tension control and indicator system for use in front of the capstan

The standard version provides indicators for the fiber tension at the pay-off and take-up. The extended version includes a capacitive tension sensor in front of the capstan and an alarm signal generator with adjustable maximum threshold. Thus, option HGM enhances operational reliability, e.g., by triggering an alarm signal if fiber tension rises due to clogged ink nozzles.

G12 - Storage rack for up to 12 containers

For spare containers, a special rack is available providing the facility to take up up to 12 ink containers in an easily accessible position for quick use and also for storage of ink or coating materi­al. A compressed air supply with support for a sol­vent container is provided for rinsing ink tanks.

DMK - Laser sensor for continuous, exact measurement and readout of the diameter of the coated fiber

Allows permanent supervision of the ink application quality by either single axis (DMK-X) or double axis (DMK-XY) diameter measurement on the colored fiber. Automatic input of the data to statistical evaluation is provided.

SPC - Proof tester (not available for GFP-UV-L6)

An optional in-line proof tester allows defined fiber tension increase during coloring or rewinding.

HZT - Temperature controller for optical fiber buffer materials

The extension HZT is an arrangement for maintaining constant temperature of buffer or resin material for the optical fiber line series GFP or FRP.

Tight buffering up to 1125 m/min (not available for GFP-UV-L6)

Optical fibers can be coated (tight buffered) individually or jointly in groups. For this purpose, a special resin coating head is used instead of the coloring head. Available standard system components allow two stage online tight buffering in a single operation. A resin pressure control maintains a constant outside diameter throughout the entire processing speed range.

Fiber ribbon marking with jet or cable marker (only for FRP 05)

The cable marker KS 42 C-FM FRM is a high‑performance marker to be installed in combination with a fiber ribbon production line and has been especially designed for the purpose of high-speed gravure printing on hot fiber ribbons.