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Ring Marking

Ring marking of thin wires – especially control cables, telephone wires or automotive wires – involves spraying the marking ink onto the wire as it runs past through rotating jet wheels. Since there are no limits to the frequency of oscillation of special ring marking machines with rotating jet wheels, they can keep up with the highest wire extrusion speeds normally encountered today.


Medek & Schoerner has advanced the development of high-speed ring marking equipment thanks to innovative technology and the high-performance components developed by this market leader. Marking speeds of up to 2.500 m/min can be achieved. Fully automatic equipment makes it possible to change both colours and markings at the touch of a button.

RS 70 Detail

  • Model RS 70 – Low to medium speed ring markers
    The RS 70 ring marker uses interchangeable dual marking drums and has been designed for extrusion speeds of up to 1200 m/minute. Four different versions provide a wide range of ring patterns in one or two colours.
  • Model RS 707 – Top speed ring markers
    The three versions of model RS 707 use rugged, interchangeable single marking drums for production speeds of up to 2500 m/minute.
RS 70

Both the RS 70 and the RS 707 allow single or two colour marking of all standard ring patterns as well as custom patterns.


  • Slim line high performance ring markers
    The RC 707 Slim-Format ring marker has been specifically designed for use in high speed extrusion plants that provide little room between the extruder and cooling bath (foam skin plants).
RC 707 T

All ring markers from Medek & Schoerner can be extended with a range of Options for maximum flexibility.
In addition, excellent manufacturing quality ensures exceptional reliability and long service life for each machine.

For further details please refer to "Ringmarkers" in the "Catalogues" section.

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