Coating of optical fibers
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Fiber Ribbon Production System FRP 05

The FRP 05 equipment has been designed to produce optical fiber ribbons up to 8 fibers.
The operating is simple and the equipment is multi-various (various pay-off and take-up reels, fiber tension measuring, software-update, options, accessories etc.).

  • High speed ribbon processing
  • Production of multi-fiber elements (CFU)
  • Operational speeds up to 1000 m / min
  • Processing of up to 12 (max. 24) fibers
  • Modular design
Modular Design 

The system basically comprises the following components: 

Pay-off unit TPO with the specified number of fiber payoff stations 

Ribbon processing unit including, on a common rack

Resin supply VCE Ribbon processing head RD (configured for the specified number of fibers required for ribbon production) 

UV curing unit CCD1-FRP Capstan and Take-up unit RCT Control cabinet PCI

Auto-traversing Pay-off Units

Design speed 2100 m/min 

Pay-off with advanced servo drive and microcontroller supervision 

Only two contact points (guide rollers) in front of ribbon head

Resin Supply and Ribbon Head

Quick fiber feed (all fibers simultaneously)

High life time

Accurate pressure control for resin supply

Bubble free high volume resin supply

Outstanding planarity results

UV Curing Unit

High performance curing with process adapted irradiators. 

UV-output supervision and automated process speed adaptation.

Control and Visualization Unit

CAN Network OLE-Server

Easy adjustment of all production parameters

Production protocol (ISO 9000)

Network connection (modem/Ethernet)

Real-time visualizing of all process data (Tension, UV-intensity, etc. ...)